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May 2017

Meet the Cats: Ygritte

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Ygritte is one of two Norwegian Forest Cats here at Cat Cafe Manchester and is our resident Boss Cat. She was actually one of the first cat owners Ellie & Sarah adopted! She has a very caring nature and quickly became ‘mum’ to any new arrivals. Although you may initially think she’s a little reserved, take the time to give her a cuddle and she will really come out of her shell. She is very popular with customers and staff alike and can often be seen wandering around the cafe greeting newcomers. Norwegian Forest Cats are typically intelligent and sensitive and this means that Ygritte is very aware of the atmosphere in the cafe.  She’s definitely one of our nosiest cats! Ygritte always has her eye on the other cats to make sure they’re happy. She’s also a firm favourite with staff and will poke around the cafe every few hours checking that everyone is working hard!

Keira is probably Ygritte’s best friend in the cafe and they can often be found snuggling up together in the cat room. If you’re lucky you might even get to see them cleaning each other which is always cute to watch. Aslan is another close friend of Ygritte’s. Although he can be one of our quieter cats, she definitely manages to bring out the softie in him. Our second Norwegian Forest Cat, Darcy, is also very close to our lovely Ygritte; it’s adorable to watch her cuddling a mini kitten version of herself! It’s worth nothing that you may see the occasional scuffle between her and a few of our other kitties. If you do see this, try not to worry too much – some of the younger cats like to try and challenge Ygritte’s authority from time to time although she’s always sure to remind them of who’s boss!

Although Ygritte is often more of an observer, she can be very playful if you waggle a toy skillfully enough! She’s a big fan of anything she can chase so be sure to grab a cat toy if you see her nearby. Don’t be upset if she doesn’t seem too interested though – she may just be sussing you out and giving you a warm welcome to the cafe from the boss herself!

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