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November 2017

Christmas Afternoon Tea

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Did you know we are serving Christmas afternoon tea throughout November & December?

Afternoon tea costs £8 per person and includes the following festive treats:

  • Two turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches
  • Two cheese sandwiches with chutney
  • Traditional scones with clotted cream and spiced jam
  • Mini mince pie
  • Chocolate yule log
  • Gingerbread cat

Please note we are unable to pre-book afternoon tea however you can order this at the counter once you are in the cafe.







Meet the cats: Stanley

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Our little Stanley is one of our most popular cats here at Cat Cafe Manchester! He’s one of our newest additions and arrived along with Darcey, one of our lovely Norwegian Forest Cats, in January. He’s a cheeky red point Siamese kitten who is the ultimate lap cat. You’ll probably hear Stan before you see him; Siamese are a very vocal breed and he loves to make his presence known. Siamese are also very friendly kitties. They’re inquisitive, intelligent and love to watch what you’re doing – preferably while they’re in your lap!

Picture credit: Torben Schomers

Stan loves nothing more than meeting new people and having a snuggle. He’s definitely one of our most confident cats so don’t be too surprised if he greets you as you enter the cafe and tests out how cuddly you are. If you pass the cuddle test, you may be one of the lucky ones who Stan chooses for a cat nap. When Stan isn’t cuddling our guests, you can usually find him meowing at his favourite members of staff. He’s fit right into the Cat Cafe Manchester family and dotes on our staff for attention!

Photo credit: Jayne Stanley

Stan is also a firm favourite with the other cats. One of our Ragdolls, Harvey, ‘adopted’ Stanley when he came to the cafe as a little kitten and they are now the best of friends. You can often find them both snuggled up together on various shelves dotted around the cafe. Harvey has happily taken on the role of dad and is now used to having a little shadow following him around!

Stanley isn’t the biggest fan of cat toys. He can sometimes be persuaded if you are particularly skillful at waggling a cat dangler but he usually just prefers snuggling on a warm lap.

Fancy putting your feet up with a brew and a cuddly kitty? Stanley is the cat for you!

For more information on Stanley and our other cats, please visit our website at