The Clever One

Keira knows best. Lean and athletic she’s our Bengal who jumps hoops around the other lazy felines. Watch your back, she likes to jump up onto peoples shoulders.


The Lazy One

Gus loves nothing more than a good nap. He’s white chinchilla Persian with a soft spot for chocolate, so keep an eye on your cake!


The Bossy One

Gemma is in charge. The oldest and wisest, she’s a blue British Short Hair not afraid to keep the kitties in check.


The Clumsy One

Aslan is the youngest of the pride. His giant Maine Coone paws are constantly getting him into trouble. You’ll probably find him chilling out with his best friend Bert.


The Mischievious one

Bert is a happy chappy. A chocolate Birman cross breed with plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He also holds the record for the loudest purr in the gang.


The Shy One

Fluffy is a gentle giant. He’s loving and affectionate, but sometime too soft for his own good. He’s a lazy ragdoll who likes to cat watch from afar.


The Needy One

Ygritte needs attention. She’s a Norweigan Forest cat with a chin nibbling habit. A lady who loves a good stubbly beard to snuggle up to.


The Posh One

Nothing is good enough for Georgina. She’s a beautiful Birman cross, and doesn’t she know it. Georgina is brimming with stereotypical cattitude.


The Naughty One

Harvey is always hungry. He’ll do anything for you (including nibbling fingers) if he can smell something tasty. A ragdoll and a cuddler, he loves you as much as you love him.


The Playful One

Joel is loyal. He’s a slinky Russian blue with bags of energy. Throw a mouse for him and see if he brings it back. Who said a cat can’t be a man’s best friend?