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Meet the cats: Stanley

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Our little Stanley is one of our most popular cats here at Cat Cafe Manchester! He’s one of our newest additions and arrived along with Darcey, one of our lovely Norwegian Forest Cats, in January. He’s a cheeky red point Siamese kitten who is the ultimate lap cat. You’ll probably hear Stan before you see him; Siamese are a very vocal breed and he loves to make his presence known. Siamese are also very friendly kitties. They’re inquisitive, intelligent and love to watch what you’re doing – preferably while they’re in your lap!

Picture credit: Torben Schomers

Stan loves nothing more than meeting new people and having a snuggle. He’s definitely one of our most confident cats so don’t be too surprised if he greets you as you enter the cafe and tests out how cuddly you are. If you pass the cuddle test, you may be one of the lucky ones who Stan chooses for a cat nap. When Stan isn’t cuddling our guests, you can usually find him meowing at his favourite members of staff. He’s fit right into the Cat Cafe Manchester family and dotes on our staff for attention!

Photo credit: Jayne Stanley

Stan is also a firm favourite with the other cats. One of our Ragdolls, Harvey, ‘adopted’ Stanley when he came to the cafe as a little kitten and they are now the best of friends. You can often find them both snuggled up together on various shelves dotted around the cafe. Harvey has happily taken on the role of dad and is now used to having a little shadow following him around!

Stanley isn’t the biggest fan of cat toys. He can sometimes be persuaded if you are particularly skillful at waggling a cat dangler but he usually just prefers snuggling on a warm lap.

Fancy putting your feet up with a brew and a cuddly kitty? Stanley is the cat for you!

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Meet the Cats: Ygritte

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Ygritte is one of two Norwegian Forest Cats here at Cat Cafe Manchester and is our resident Boss Cat. She was actually one of the first cat owners Ellie & Sarah adopted! She has a very caring nature and quickly became ‘mum’ to any new arrivals. Although you may initially think she’s a little reserved, take the time to give her a cuddle and she will really come out of her shell. She is very popular with customers and staff alike and can often be seen wandering around the cafe greeting newcomers. Norwegian Forest Cats are typically intelligent and sensitive and this means that Ygritte is very aware of the atmosphere in the cafe.  She’s definitely one of our nosiest cats! Ygritte always has her eye on the other cats to make sure they’re happy. She’s also a firm favourite with staff and will poke around the cafe every few hours checking that everyone is working hard!

Keira is probably Ygritte’s best friend in the cafe and they can often be found snuggling up together in the cat room. If you’re lucky you might even get to see them cleaning each other which is always cute to watch. Aslan is another close friend of Ygritte’s. Although he can be one of our quieter cats, she definitely manages to bring out the softie in him. Our second Norwegian Forest Cat, Darcy, is also very close to our lovely Ygritte; it’s adorable to watch her cuddling a mini kitten version of herself! It’s worth nothing that you may see the occasional scuffle between her and a few of our other kitties. If you do see this, try not to worry too much – some of the younger cats like to try and challenge Ygritte’s authority from time to time although she’s always sure to remind them of who’s boss!

Although Ygritte is often more of an observer, she can be very playful if you waggle a toy skillfully enough! She’s a big fan of anything she can chase so be sure to grab a cat toy if you see her nearby. Don’t be upset if she doesn’t seem too interested though – she may just be sussing you out and giving you a warm welcome to the cafe from the boss herself!

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Be More Cat

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Although we do have our House Rules, we’ve also created a few top tips for playtime and snuggles with our cats…

Let the cat come to you… Cats have evolved to treat uninvited advances with suspicion, so sit back with a coffee, relax, and let them do their thing.

Be sniffed… To a cat, it’s all about smells. Unlike humans, cats have poor eyesight up close so instead they rely on an advanced sense of smell. Gently hold out your hand and let the cat sniff you – if they want to be stroked they will nuzzle your hand or jump onto your knee.






Be observant… A ‘tail up’ gesture as a cat approaches is a friendly greeting. Other signs of affection include rubbing around legs or hands, purring, or making a ‘chirrup’ sound as they approach. A cat may also groom or lick you – this is a sign they want to be your friend.

Don’t grab… Generally cats prefer to be stroked on their heads around the cheeks, ears or under the chin. Fewer than one in ten cats like to be stroked on the belly or near the tail.

Blink… Slowly blinking when you make eye contact with a cat is a sign of submission. Staring or maintaining eye contact can be read by cats as an impending sign of aggression.

Please don’t force love on our cats – the cafe is their home and sometimes, like humans, they prefer to be left alone. 




Meet the Cats: Snowy

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Lovely Snowy is a favourite of staff and customers alike; she’s a Snow Bengal with a huge personality.

Snowy can often be found sitting on one of the front tables as you enter the cafe. She loves to say hello to people so feel free to go over and have a cuddle, however please be aware that Snowy is actually blind. Because of this, it’s especially important to let her sniff your hand before you start stroking her so that she can ‘meet’ you and feel comfortable. We also really emphasise the importance of not crowding around Snowy as she can sometimes get overwhelmed if there are lots of people around her at once. Having said that, she does love a snuggle and if you’re lucky she might even give you a lick!

Snowy can also be extremely vocal at times! You might hear her let out quite a grumpy meow if any of the staff pick her up as she can get a little confused as to where she is once she is lifted off the ground. She will also occasionally grumble at one of the other cats if they startle her – apart from this, her lack of sight doesn’t bother her much at all. We don’t move our furniture around very much so she’s gotten used to where everything is and doesn’t have any trouble finding her way around!

If you want to play with Snowy then finding a noisy toy is your best bet. She’s a big fan of straws, ping pong balls and anything which she can try and catch. Tapping the ground around her will let her know that you have a toy and want to play – if she seems interested then just persevere and it won’t be long before she is trying to grab it right out of your hands!Snowy is very affectionate with lots of the other cats but her best friends are Keira and Ygritte. Her and Keira can often be found snuggled up together in the cat room, and Ygritte is always keen to lend Snowy a hand navigating her way around the cafe.

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Meet the Cats: Harvey

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Harvey is one of two Ragdolls here at Cat Cafe Manchester.

He has earned the affectionate nickname of ‘corridor cat’ as his favourite pastime is rolling around in the corridor outside the cafe once we are closed! Although Harvey loves the cafe, he tends to be at his happiest when flopped on the floor having belly rubs. When he isn’t in the corridor, Harvey can also be found being driven around in his Cat Mobile. He doesn’t even need any treats to motivate him; he’ll happily hop into the car and wait for you to start driving it around!

We were recently lucky enough to get Harvey involved in a proposal here at the cafe; he drove up to the happy couple with the wedding ring next to him in the car! It was very cute watching him getting involved in their special day. He was an absolute star and we really hope he added something magical to the moment.

Harvey definitely likes to play when he is in the mood but, being a Ragdoll, he is often happy just relaxing and watching the world go by. If you’d like a cat to snuggle up next to you while you enjoy a coffee, Harvey is the one for you! The cat treats we have available to purchase also tend to be a big hit with him – he is usually first in line when there are Dreamies around.

Out of all of our cats, Harvey has one of the most gentle natures. We recently introduced three new kittens to the cafe and Harvey has been a wonderful ‘cat dad’ to them, giving them lots of cuddles and helping them settle into the cafe.

Georgina is Harvey’s best friend here in the cafe. She loves snuggling up to him and washing his poorly eye. Wherever you see Harvey, Georgie is most likely not far behind!

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