How much does it cost?

It costs £12 per hour. For that price you get an hour of cat time plus unlimited hot and cold drinks and you can stay for as long as you like. You will be billed when you leave to the nearest five minutes of your exit time.

Do I have to book in advance?

What if I need to cancel my booking?

You can book in advance but you don’t have to. We operate a base line booking system which means we book in ten people per hour at the café and offer the remaining ten to walk in customers on a first come first serve basis. Pre-bookings are paid for in advance and then if you over run your hour, you can pay the additional charge when you leave.

Please let us know up to 48 hours before your booking in order to receive a full refund. We will be unable to issue a refund once this time period has elapsed. Alternatively please contact us up to 48 hours after your booking in order to rearrange your time slot.

What are your opening hours?

We are open six days a week from 10am-7pm during the week and 9am-7pm on weekends. We close every Tuesday for cat naps. Between 7pm-9pm we have events such as Cat Yoga and film nights which you can book on our website.

Will cats be kept in cages overnight?

No. Our cats will never, ever, be kept in cages. The café is their home. Much as you would never put your pet cat in a cage at home, we won’t be putting our cats in cages at Cat Café. Ever.
At night there will be a member of staff on duty to clean and maintain the café as well as giving the cats some much needed one on one attention if need be.

How do you stop the cats from escaping?

We operate a triple door system, two of which have a security release on them so one cannot be opened without the other being shut. You also enter the café via a cloakroom. There will be four of five internal doors between the cats and street exit.

Where do you get your cats from?

Our cats come from a variety of sources. Many of our cats are pedigree with natures well suited for a café environment. It is important that the cats at Cat Café are happy. Therefore we source cats that are used to being kept indoors, are very affectionate, well socialised and need a lot of attention. Most pedigree breeds of cats fit this criteria.

However we are currently working with local rescue centres as well to see if we can give any suitable cats in need a forever home. But at Cat Café we firmly believe that it would not be fair to take rescue cats who have been mistreated or abused by humans and force them to interact with a lot of people in an indoor café environment.

Rescue cats who have been through traumatic experiences may not be happy living in a big group of cats indoors, especially if they have been used to going outside.

Do you serve cooked food?

No. We are a café that serves hot and cold drinks alongside snacks such as cakes, muffins and biscuits. We do not cook or prepare any hot food on site.

Are you helping cats?

Yes. Cat Café intends to give a percentage of sales to animal charities. Animal charities already do a fantastic job rescuing and rehoming cats in need and we will endeavour to support them financially with the work they do.

What will the cats eat?

Our cats have a healthy and balanced diet of both wet food, dry food and meat and fish such as chicken, tuna and mackerel. We work hard to recreate the natural hunting environment of the cats by hiding food in the cat runs and using cat tree food dispensers, where they have to paw the food out of the tree in order to eat it. They are also given lactose free cat milk as a treat.

Are you taking on staff? If so can I apply?

We are not currently taking on any staff. However we will post all details of vacancies that may arise on our website and on our Facebook page.

Are there Rules?

Yes. You cannot wake a cat if it is sleeping. You also are not allowed to pick cats up or feed them any food that is not provided by Cat Café. We also ask customers to sanitise their hands when they enter the café and to not use flash photography. High heeled shoes are prohibited (even with shoe covers) and unfortunately we cannot allow entrance to children under the age of 10.

Can I bring Children?

Children over the age of 10 are allowed in the Café, but unfortunately it is not a suitable environment for children under 10. However we do have some special events tailored to younger children. you can find our latest events here

Can the cats get away from people?

Yes. The cats have their own room where they can escape to if they wish. They do not have to be in the café should they choose not to. They also have a large ceiling sky run so watch the goings on from afar.

Will there be gluten free and vegan food available?

Yes. Cat café will cater for a variety of special dietary requirements. There will be gluten free options on the snack menu as well as vegan beverages with dairy alternatives such as soya and almond milk. There will also be food available that does not contain nuts.

Disabled Access

Cat Café has full disabled access and disabled bathroom facilities. Please just call ahead so we can make sure we cater to your requirements.