Be More Cat

Although we do have our House Rules, we’ve also created a few top tips for playtime and snuggles with our cats…

Let the cat come to you… Cats have evolved to treat uninvited advances with suspicion, so sit back with a coffee, relax, and let them do their thing.

Be sniffed… To a cat, it’s all about smells. Unlike humans, cats have poor eyesight up close so instead they rely on an advanced sense of smell. Gently hold out your hand and let the cat sniff you – if they want to be stroked they will nuzzle your hand or jump onto your knee.






Be observant… A ‘tail up’ gesture as a cat approaches is a friendly greeting. Other signs of affection include rubbing around legs or hands, purring, or making a ‘chirrup’ sound as they approach. A cat may also groom or lick you – this is a sign they want to be your friend.

Don’t grab… Generally cats prefer to be stroked on their heads around the cheeks, ears or under the chin. Fewer than one in ten cats like to be stroked on the belly or near the tail.

Blink… Slowly blinking when you make eye contact with a cat is a sign of submission. Staring or maintaining eye contact can be read by cats as an impending sign of aggression.

Please don’t force love on our cats – the cafe is their home and sometimes, like humans, they prefer to be left alone.