Our Mission Statement

Cat Cafe are on a mission to make animal assisted therapy accessible to everyone. With the help of the cuddliest, loveliest feline friends, our aim is to help people feel better whilst educating children and adults about the needs of the countries favourite pet.

Pet assisted therapy helps many different people, from those on the autistic spectrum to those suffering with anxiety and depression. We provide a safe space for these people to access the benefits of owning a cat without having to actually get a cat.

In 2022 the UK was home to 12 million pet cats with 25% of households housing a moggy mate under their roof. But as people are getting busier, looking after pets properly is becoming harder. Cat Cafe bridges this gap, by looking after them for you.

Our aim is to have a Cat Cafe in every major city of the UK. The high street is changing, and we want our logo to symbolise what the high street can offer people going forwards. In an increasingly busy and digital world, consumers are shopping online and eating at home. But we can give people a reason to come back into town and experience something new.

We allow entry to anyone over the age of 10 years old with specific hours for 4-9 year olds available on a daily basis. This mean children who haven’t been allowed a pet for a variety of reasons can come and share ours and experience the joys of owning their very own cat, if just for an hour or two.

We also create a community around our cafes by hosting book clubs, cat yoga, movie nights, and sessions designed specifically for people with autism and special educational needs. We hold birthday parties for excited eight year olds, and calming sessions for those suffering from chronic anxiety.

Cat Cafe UK follows the traditional Japanese model. Instead of paying for food and drink, you pay for time. You book a slot for as long as you like, and all drinks are unlimited and free of charge.

At Cat Cafe, you can be busy, and share a cat. You can go out every night of the week and your cat will be looked after twenty four hours a day to the highest of standards, because your cats are our cats.

Cat Cafe can give you something you can’t get online. Something you can feel, something you can touch. It can make you present. It can refresh and heal an urban soul